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Vancouver, BC

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Patricia Roles, MSW, RSW, BCATR 
Individual, Couple and Family Therapist
Registered Social Worker #03316
Registered Art Therapist #0075-R

Specialty areas:
  • eating disorders. eating disturbances and weight issues 
  • couples communication and spousal relationships
  • family therapy
  • family relationships with adolescents
  • art and sandplay therapy 
  • birthparent loss
  • adoption reunion
  • adoptive families
  • separation and divorce
  • parenting issues
  • loss and grief
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E-therapy is:
  • a modality that allows for effective communication via email
  • convenient
  • time efficient
  • cost effective 
  • anonymous
  • accessible and allows specialized counseling even in remote places
  • helpful for clients who travel
E-therapy is not:
  • a replacement for face-to-face psychotherapy
  • an effective way to deal with severe or acute mental health crises pr safety issues such as suicidal thoughts, bi-polar disorder or psychotic episodes

Mental Health Crisis Line - Samaritans: Free Help with Self-harm or Suicidal Feelings

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Online Counseling Fees:

1 email session:

$65 (US Funds)

Package of 3 sessions: 

$180 (US  Funds)  

Face-to-face Counseling or Skype: 

1 hour session:

$140 (CAN Funds)

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Patricia Roles' Credentials           

Pat Roles, Social Worker, Vancouver, CanadaAbout Pat Roles, MSW, RSW, BCATR:

Pat is a therapist in private practice in Vancouver who offers individual, couple and family therapy. Sessions can also be access through e-mail and skype. For 33 years she worked as a social worker and supervisor at Children's and Women's Health Centre of British Columbia. Twenty-five years of this experience includes being a Professional Practice Coordinator in this tertiary care teaching hospital including Children's, Women's, Sunnyhill and BC Mental Health and Substance Use Program.  Her clinical role was in the Provincial Specialized Eating Disorders Program as a family therapist, group therapist and individual therapist. She is a registered social worker with the Board of Registration for Social Workers in British Columbia, Canada, (RSW #03316) and a registered art therapist with the British Columbia Art Therapy Association (BCATR #0075-R). She has a master's degree in social work, a bachelor's degree in social work and a post graduate certificate in art therapy. She has done training with Michael White who was a co-developer of Narrative Therapy along with David Epston.  She is also trained in Family Based Treatment (FBT), evidence based treatment for children and youth with eating disorders. FBT is also referred to as the Maudsley Approach as it originated from work at the Maudsley Hospital in London, England. She has worked as a social worker in mental health practicing psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults, including couple and family therapy. Pat's expertise is in both medical and psychiatric social work with adults, children and youth. and experience in adult mental health. Her teaching faculty positions include the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute (VATI) and The Adler School of Professional Psychology (Adjunct Faculty). She teaches Adolescent Art Therapy, Family Art Therapy and Group Art Therapy. 

Pat began e-counseling through this site via email in 2001 She was a pioneer in this field of developing counseling via email and video conferencing. Etherapy was a natural development from her training in therapeutic letter writing. Letters to clients following sessions are part of Narrative Therapy developed by Michael White and David Epston. She began using telehealth to provide family therapy in 2000 and has lectured across North America on how to use video conferences for family therapy.  This was prior to the development of what we have come to rely on through Skype. 

She obtained a BSW from Ryerson University in Toronto in 1977 and an MSW from University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC in 1981. In 1989 she completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Art Therapy through the BC School of Art Therapy in Victoria. Her work with children, youth and families has included special expertise in family therapy, play therapy, art therapy, adolescents and eating disorders as well as children and youth with loss, chronic and life threatening illnesses. She also has extensive experience in the adoption field with adoptive and blended families, separation and divorce, adoption reunion and birthparent loss. She is a reunited birth-mother. Her books on teenage pregnancy and birthparent loss and grief, articles on eating disorders and birth parent loss and eating disorders can be viewed on the on the Books, Articles and links page: Go To Books, Articles and Online Resources

Patricia Roles presents workshops in a variety of areas including: e-therapy, birthparent loss, adoption reunion issues, eating disorders and family therapy, family therapy via telehealth, art therapy with children and youth, art therapy and eating disorders, and family art therapy using a narrative therapy framework. You may contact Patricia Roles through the feedback email on this site to inquire about workshop presentations or speaking engagements.

The BC College of Social Workers can be contacted to verify registration in the Province of British Columbia.

Current Workshops Offered by Pat Roles

1BC Association for Art Therapy:  May 30, 2015, Vancouver:  Narrative Practices in Art and Sandplay with Children and Youth Coping with Eating Disorders

For further information go to the BC Association of Art Therapy's website.

2.  Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada:  June 13, 2015, Vancouver: The Power of Art as Therapy

This conference is called A Morning of Hope and Support. It includes this presention on art therapy and a presentation by Dr. Vo on Mindful Teens. It is available for free and can be streamed onto your home computer. For further information go to: 

A Morning of Hope and Support

You can request a workshop or presentation via email at:    604-375-9215

Contact Patricia Roles Re: Inquiry About Workshop  

Consultation and Clinical Supervision 

Supervision and consultation are available to other therapists upon request. This may be an individual one time consultation or regular supervision sessions. Art therapy supervision and FBT consultation are also offered. Therapists can phone or e-mail to inquire further at: 604-375-9215 or by email:

Contact Patricia Roles Re: Inquiry About Clinical Consultation

Is E-counseling Suitable for You?

For the past 14 years this e-counseling practice has specialized in relationship issues, family and couple communication, parenting concerns, bereavement support, birthparent loss with relinquishment, adoption reunion, adoptive parenting, infertility and pregnancy loss, parent-teen conflict, separation, divorce, blended families, coping with illness or disability, and eating disorders. E-mail therapy is also known as e-therapy, online therapy, counseling online, cyber counseling, cyber therapy, psychotherapy online, internet therapy, internet counseling, virtual counseling, e-counseling, or, as it spelled in some countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand: e-counselling.*

E-counseling offers an opportunity for you to consult with a professional as a guide with feedback and support. It may just be a one time consultation or a series of e-mail sessions. Many individuals who choose e-counseling tend to present dilemmas that require brief solution oriented therapy with about 4-6 sessions to fulfill their needs. A smaller number of people seek ongoing sessions as they grapple with longer term issues. It it totally up to you to determine what is helpful.

You may choose online therapy as an alternative for a variety of reasons. Is is convenient and time efficient to sit at your home or office computer and compose an email. It is cost effective, at about half the cost of face to face therapy or counseling. You are in charge of the timing of your e-mail to suit your everyday needs. You can wait until you have some quiet time to write your e-mail, to reflect or to read the response.

Remaining in your own home or office may take away the emotional discomfort some people feel when they meet in person with a therapist to shareproblems. The privacy and anonymity provided by e-mail may be appealing, disinhibiting and comfortable. Anonymity and convenience may reduce some of the barriers to seeking help with personal stories as you be more open when you are at your keyboard in private. The internet also breaks down obstacles for those who have challenges accessing resources due to physical disabilities or communication challenges such as hearing impairment, speech or language difficulties. For various reasons you may confined to your home, and the internet is one source of reaching out for help. You may live in a remote area where there is little access to qualified professionals for counseling. If you live in a small community, your local health care professionals might already be known to you as friends or co-workers so privacy may be an concern.

Online counseling can help you cope with life problems that affect men and women of all ages. These can include adjustments to difficult situations such as transitions, changes, loneliness, health conditions, chronic or life threatening illnesses, disability, relationship conflicts, job stresses, mid-life crises, parenting challenges, adoption searches and reunions, unplanned pregnancies, marital problems, stepfamily or blended family issues, family conflict, weight struggles, anorexia, bulimia, disordered eating, or loss and grief following death, adoption relinquishment, pregnancy loss, separation, or divorce. When many changes happen together in clusters, the result may be emotional overload. You may feel overwhelmed, and need some time to reflect and reorganize your life. E-therapy can be one way of finding that feedback to help get you back on track with your life, work through issues and feel less helpless. This can help you regain focus and control to move forward in your life. You do not need to be alone with your problems.

If you are considering counseling online, take the time to explore all the aspects of this site to fully understand the process. Then you can evaluate if it is right for you.

Is Face-to-face Counseling an Option?

Face-to-face psychotherapy is available for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families, in the the Lower Mainland in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Her office is in the Mount Pleasant area on Broadway near Cambie Street in the Fairmont Medical Building. Skype video conferencing over the internet via webcams may be available if you are out of town traveling or live out of the lower mainland. Individual art or sandplay therapy sessions are also available. Art and sandplay therapy can be helpful for children, teens, adults and families. More information on art therapy and art therapy sessions at: About Art or Sandtray Therapy Sessions with Pat Roles In-home visits are provided for child interviews required for stepparent adoptions in British Columbia. Some family therapy, couple or parental counseling sessions may take place in your home. You may inquire about face-to-face counseling or schedule an appointment via email, text or phone at: 604-375-9215. Weekend and evening appointments are available. The hourly rate for therapy is $140 payable by cash, cheque, etransfer or credit cards via paypal.

Adoption Adjustments, Reunion Counseling Services and Stepparent Adoption Child Interviews

Adoption counseling services including: e-therapy or face-to-face counseling support for birthparent loss and grief; coaching for adoption triad members in the process of or contemplation of adoption reunion; losses experienced by adoptive parents before choosing adoption; adoptive and blended family adjustments; and stepparent adoption child interviews.  

Article Submissions

You are welcome to submit an original article to be considered for publication on this site. The article needs to be relevant and informative for the readership of this site. Your submission could be on topics such as mental health problems; all types of loss, grief or bereavement including loss during pregnancy and birthparent relinquishment, infertility, death, separation or divorce; eating disorders; adoption reunions; adoption triad issues; family relationships including marital relationships or conflict between parents and adolescents; parenting issues including single parenting and step-parenting; communication; or coping with crises, chronic health conditions or disabilities. If your article is accepted for publication, you will receive a link back to your site at the end of the article including a brief biography of you as the author. Please submit your article as a word file attachment through the feedback email address on this site. The subject line must clearly indicate that this is an article submission, otherwise it will join the spam collection of unopened junk mail.

Reciprocal Link Exchange: 

If you are interested in a reciprocal link exchange, the site you suggest must be relevant to this site's content. Please submit your site URL for my consideration for inclusion on this page through email at:

Submit Site to Patricia Roles@E-mail Therapy

Include the page where you have added to reciprocal link to my site.

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Book Review by Patricia Roles

Book Entitled: Online Counseling - A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals
Editors: Ron Kraus, Jason Jack and George Stricker

Online Counseling Handbook for Mental Health Professionals

Patricia Roles' Virtual E-counseling Room, MSW, RSW, BCATR
Individual, Couple and Family Therapy
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