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Birthparent Loss and Grief, and Adoption Reunion
Birthparent Loss and Grief:

Saying Goodbye to a Baby: Vol 1 - The Birthparent's Guide to Loss and Grief in Adoption
Publisher: Child Welfare League of America, Washington, DC, USA

Birthparent Loss and Grief:

Saying Goodbye to a Baby: Vol 2 - A Counselor's Guide to Birthparent Loss and Grief in Adoption
Publisher: Child Welfare League of America, Washington, DC, USA

Teenage Pregnancy: 

Facing Teenage Pregnancy: A Handbook for the Pregnant Teen
Publisher: Child Welfare League of America, Washington, DC, USA

Pregnancy and Infant Loss: 

Book Chapter - Birthparents' Grief: Relinquishing a Baby for Adoption Chapter in textbook entitled: Loss During Pregnancy or in the Newborn Period: Principles of Care with Clinical Cases and Analyses, edited by James R. Woods, MD and Jenifer L. Esposito Woods, MBA
Publisher: Jannetti Publications Inc., East Holly Avenue, Box 56, Pitman, NJ, USA, 08071

Loss and Grief:

Article written by Patricia Roles on Birthparent Loss and Grief: Birth Parent Loss and Grief:

Adoption Reunion:

Article written by Patricia Roles on Adoption Reunion: Adoption Reunion - A Journey for Birthparents


Loss and Grief:

Article on Children and Teens Coping with Death by Gary Direnfeld: Coping With Death

Article of Grief in the Gay and Lesbian Community by Christina Limmer: Grief in a Disenfranchised Community

Article of Going through Grief as a Widow by Marie A. O'Neill: How Long Should Grief Last?

Article on Stillborn Grief by Jörg & Mary Barth: Stillborn but Welcome: The Short LIfe of Paul Michael

Article on Children's Grief by Marcia Breitenbach: Supporting Our Grieving Children To Cope with Katrina and Other Losses

Article on Living with Abortion by Gary Direnfeld: Loss with Abortion

Article on Baby Boomers and Grief by Jane Galbraith: Nobody Wants to Talk About It - Baby Boomers Face Grief

Eating Disorders:

BC Medical Journal February 2005 issue focused on eating disorders with children and youth, includes article by Patricia Roles about Family Involvement in Treatment BC Medical Journal

Online Counseling in Eating Disorders Prevention: Prevention of Eating Disorders and Online Counseling

Article written by Pat Roles and Ron Manley on Family Therapy for Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa: What Works? Family Therapy for Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa

Article written by Pat Roles on Issues for Parents to Consider in Treatment for Children and Youth with Eating Disorders: Children and Youth with Eating Disorders

Article written by Pat Roles on Eating Disorders, Signs and Symptoms: Anorexia and Bulimia: Signs and Symptoms

Article on Eating Disorders by Jacquelyn Ekem: Eating Disorders - Expressing Needs and Wants

Article on Picky Eaters by Destry Maycock: So You Have A Picky Eater?

Article on Why Diets Don't Work by Aaron M. Potts: Why Diets Don't Work

Article on the Pros and Cons of Fad Dieting by Gary Matthews: Fad Diets

Article on Weight Loss Myths by Gary Matthews: The Truth About Weight Loss Myths

Article on Giving Up Dieting by Gary Matthews: Winning Tactics for Giving Up the Diet

Article on Emotional Relationships with Food and Eating Disorders by Lori Radun: Healing Your Emotional Relationship with Food

Article on Overcoming Binge Eating by Kristin Gerstley: Ten Things To Do Instead of Binge Eating

Article on a Father's Perspective Dealing with Anorexia by Barry Roche: Close Encounters with Anorexic Annie

Internet News - Online Counseling: E-therapy:

Article by Story on E-therapy


Article on the Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Adult Intimacy by Gary Direnfeld: Understanding and Managing The Impact Of Childhood Sexual Abuse On Adult Intimate Life

Art Therapy:

Article on Art Therapy by Pat Roles: About Art Therapy

Article on The Power of Art Therapy by Erin K. Brazill: Art Heals: The Power of Art Therapy


What is Autism? by Lee Berlemann: What is Autism?

Mental Health Issues:

Canadian Mental Health Association Resource: Mind Matters - Free Electronic Newsletter on Mental Health Issues Mental Health Resources and MIND MATTERS E-NEWS

Self-help Article on Anxiety by Michael Smallwood: Relaxation: A Helpful Tool to Control Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Article on Relationships by Raun Kaufman: Love MYTHconceptions

Article on Power of Attitude by Aaron M. Potts: Attitude: The Forgotten Power

Article on Mental Health Tips by Patricia Roles: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Article on Separation Anxiety with Children by K.C. Smith: Separation Anxiety

Article on Dealing with Suicide Attempts by Anna Allen: When Someone You Love Tries to Hurt Themselves

Article of Yoga and Stress Reduction by Alden Smith: The Benefit of Yoga - Fight or Flight?


Information on Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Signs and Symptoms: Signs and Symptoms

Fibromyalgia Treatment: Fibro Treatment

Online Resources and Support for FM Sufferers: Online Help

Women's Health:

Article on Post-partum Depression by Jacqueline Courtiol: Coping with Post Partum Depression

Visions Journal Issue on Women's Mental Health: Women Issues in Mental Health and Addictions

Menopause Facts - What Will I Experience? by Barbara Phillip: Facts About Menopause

Article about Osteoporosis by Barbara Phillips: Osteoporosis: What Can I Do To Prevent It?


Article on Parenting After Separation and Divorce by Gary Direnfeld: How Important is Consistency?

Article on Parenting Teenagers by Gary Direnfeld: Need Help Parenting Teens?

Caring for Aging Parents - The Sandwich Generation:

Article on Caregiving Tips for Boomers by Vicki Rackner: Caregiving for Elderly Parents for Baby Boomers

Article on Caregiver Guilt by Vicki Rackner: Caregiver Guilt

Article on Caring for Your Elderly Family Member in Hospital by Vicki Rackner: When Your Elderly Loved One is in the Hospital

Separation, Divorce and Unhappy Marriages:

Article on Marriages Facing Possibility of Separation by Gary Direnfeld: Marriages on the Cusp

Surviving Divorce by Vicki Lansky: Ten Things I've Learned About Divorce

Article on Emotional Recovery from Divorce by Colin Kennedy: Divorce and Rowing to Emotional Recovery

Divorce and Your Children by Jean Mahserjian: Don't Divorce Your Children

Article on Coping with Adjustment After Divorce by Olakunbi Korostensky: Divorced and Dejected - 5 Powerful Reasons to be Proud of Yourself

Article on Matimonial Property Settlements by Barry Roche: The Do's and Don'ts of Matrimonial Property Disputes

Article on Divorce Planning by Barry Roche: Top Mistakes Women Make in Divorce Planning and Financial Settlements

Article Submissions

You are welcome to submit an original article to be considered for publication on this site. The article needs to be relevant and informative for the readership of this site. Your submission could be on topics such as mental health problems; all types of loss, grief or bereavement including loss during pregnancy and birthparent relinquishment, infertility, death, separation or divorce; eating disorders; adoption reunions; adoption triad issues; family relationships including marital relationships or conflict between parents and adolescents; parenting issues including single parenting and step-parenting; communication; or coping with crises, chronic health conditions or disabilities. If your article is accepted for publication, you will receive a link back to your site at the end of the article including a brief biography of you as the author. Please submit your article as a word file attachment through the feedback email address on this site. The subject line must clearly indicate that this is an article submission, otherwise it will join the spam collection of unopened junk mail.

Links to Online Resources

Adoption Issues:

International Adoption and Immigration in the USA

Forget Me Not Family Society - Adoption Circles - Support in British Columbia

British Columbia Adoption Reunion Registry

Manitoba Post Adoption Registry

People Search - Australian people search registry, forum, and guide to locating people.

Adoption Library - Browse Thousands of Articles on Adoption Topics

Looking to Adopt

Family Helper: Adoption Reunion Information

The Readers' Guide to Adoption Related Literature

Adoption E-magazine Articles

Pregnancy and Infertility:

Family Helper: Infertility, Adoption and Reunion


Fairway Divorce

Divorce Information and Family Law

Divorce Source

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Information

Legal Resources:

Directory of Legal Sites Providing Country and State Listings

Legal Help - USA

Mental Health:

Mindfulness Resources for Youth

Anxiety Panic and Agoraphobia

The Family Compass: At Risk Teens - ADHD, Addictions, ODD, Conduct Disorders

Mental Health Resources for College Students

Kelty Resource Centre - Mental Health Resources for Children and Youth in BC


Dealing with Depression - Free Downloadable Workbook for Teens

Eating Disorders:

National Eating Disorders Information Center - Canada

Eating Disorders

End Binge Eating

Eating Disorders: Shoreline Center - Treatment and Recovery Services

Kelty Resource Centre - Mental Health Resources for Children and Youth in BC

Ask the Expert:

Go Ask Alice

She Knows

Loss and Grief:

Inspirational Words to Express Sympathy

Grief and Loss Support - Grief Companion

Grief Resource

Compassionate Friends - Bereavement


North Star Family Matters Magazine - To Inspire Conscious Parenting and Empowered Kids

The Family Compass - Resources to Help Families with Defiant Teenagers

Resources to Help Parents Reclaim Teens

Treatment for Troubled Teens


Self Growth

Self Growth - Books

Self Improvement Newsletter


Mindfulness Programs, Vancouver, BC

Health Directories: - Health Directory and Fitness Resource

Online Health Directory and Health Resource

World Wide Health Directory


Relationship Repair

Deception and Infidelity in Romantic Relationships


Therapy Online - Dr. Joseph Abraham: Depression, Couple and Family Relationships, Sexual Difficulties

Holistic Online Counseling for Stress and Depression




Fibromyalgia Network

National Fibromyalgia Association - USA

Fibromyalgia Support - Canada

Fibromyalgia Association - UK

Signs and Symptoms

Fibro Treatment

Mental Health Crisis Line - Sarmaritans: Help with Self-harm or Suicidal Feelings

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Book Entitled: Online Counseling - A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals
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Online Counseling Handbook for Mental Health Professionals

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