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Divorce Considerations

A Divorce Considerations Guide to Financial and Legal Strategies for Women

by Tracy Achen

If you are thinking about ending your marriage, or are currently in the divorce process, the most important thing you need to do is accept responsibility for the outcome of your divorce. Because a woman's standard of living generally drops at least 30% after a divorce, the decisions that you make now can have a considerable effect on your future.

It is wise to establish a plan of action instead of going into your divorce blindly.  Begin by being well informed and organized with the Divorce Record Keeper, a comprehensive divorce considerations help guide. This resource will enable you to keep track and record everything about your divorce from start to finish in a easy to reference fashion.

If it is inevitable that your marriage will end, utilize the following divorce considerations to protect yourself.  Most importantly, if your spouse has initiated proceedings, do not sign anything until you are represented and informed by a lawyer. Also, do not use the same lawyer that is representing your spouse. Retain your own attorney to level the playing field and have fair representation.

Divorce Considerations on Money: Consider consulting a certified financial planner that is skilled in divorce proceedings.  They can help prepare you financially before your start your divorce, and point out areas of your settlement that will have repercussions in the future.  Keep the following suggestions in mind as you think about divorce:

Divorce Considerations on Support:

Divorce Considerations on Insurance: Before you divorce, get any medical or dental check ups done while you are still covered on your spouses insurance.

Divorce Considerations on Retirement and Social Security: 

Divorce Considerations on Property and Assets:  Consider the tax implications of any property received in the settlement. Some property and assets are subject to a capital gains tax of up to 40% when sold. Consult a certified financial planner on the division of assets and holdings.

Divorce Considerations on Taxes and Liens: 

Divorce Considerations on Documents and Records:  It is important to have copies of all records and accounts, since they have a way of disappearing once proceedings have begun. With copies, you have all the relevant information that you will need in the future.

Savings account
Checking Account
Certificates of Deposit
Mutual Funds
Home Equity Loans
Brokerage Accounts
Credit Card Accounts
Mortgage Information
Life insurance
Disability insurance
Homeowner's Insurance
Medical Insurance
Umbrella Policy
Automobile Insurance
Property Titles
Vehicle Titles
Tax returns - last 5 years
6 months of pay stubs
401 K plan
Keogh plan
Wills and Trusts
Safe Deposit Box
Purchase Price of Home

While divorce is a very emotional time, you need to approach it like a business deal and take control of the proceedings.  Don't cave in because you feel overwhelmed. 

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Remember, legal information is not legal advice. Please consult a lawyer for specific advice on divorce considerations.

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