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Patricia Roles'  Virtual E-counseling Room
Online Therapy via email and Skype 
Face-to-face Individual, Couple and Family Therapy in Vancouver

Once a package of 3 e-counseling sessions are purchased, you can use them whenever you wish. There is no time limitation.

After your payment, you will be directed to a page with a link to the email to send your session to. If you encounter problems with the link to start your session, send the email session to: Contact Patricia Roles

One session consists of your email and the reply. You will receive 3 responses (minimum 2 pages each).

Privacy Policy:

This site will not sell, give or trade your email or personal information to a third party.

Credit Card Processing:

Below is the PayPal Credit Card link. PalPal offers  secure on line credit card transactions from your credit card or bank account linked with PayPal. It is during this process that the appropriate amount will be listed. It will be billed to your credit card in US dollars.

Single Session 


Pay for 1 session
$65.00 US Funds

3 Session Package


Pay for a package of 3 sessions:
$180.00 US Funds
Patricia Roles' Virtual E-counseling Room, MSW, RSW, BCATR
Registered Social Worker #03316
Registered Art Therapist #0075-R 

Therapy accessible face-to-face or via e-mail and Skype

          Skype address:  pat.roles         

Phone or Text: 604-375-9215   


Patricia Roles, Virtual E-counseling Room,

Burnaby, BC, Canada

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