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Your feedback or questions are welcome via email at:
   Contact Patricia Roles

If you are a therapist or researcher with questions about online therapy practice, please either only ask a couple of questions or if you require more a more detailed response please purchase the email consultation for professionals.  This site receives continual emails from researchers or those interested in establishing e-counseling sites, and with the frequency and complexity of questions it is time consuming.

This e-mail address is for inquiries of a general nature, questions, or feedback about the site. After discontinuing e-therapy sessions, emails are always appreciate e-mail with updates about how you are managing. This e-mail address is not for those who want a therapeutic response, although, I will always reply to any e-mail. This email address may also be used to inquire about possible workshops or speaking engagements.

Paid sessions are prioritized through a different e-mail process. Some e-mails might get lost or deleted in the vast number of junk mail e-mails sent to the site.

Inquiries can also be made by phone: 604-375-9215        Skype address: pat.roles

Workshops and Presentations:

Inquiries can also be sent to request Patricia Roles present a workshop on topics such as: e-counseling, birthparent loss and grief, adoption reunion issues, art therapy from a narrative perspective, family art therapy, art therapy or family therapy with eating disorders, or family therapy via telehealth. Contact Patricia Roles about Presentations

Article Submissions:

You are welcome to submit an original article to be considered for publication on this site. The article needs to be relevant and informative for the readership of this site. Your submission could be on topics such as mental health problems; all types of loss, grief or bereavement including loss during pregnancy and birthparent relinquishment, infertility, death, separation or divorce; eating disorders; adoption reunions; adoption triad issues; family relationships including marital relationships or conflict between parents and adolescents; parenting issues including single parenting and step-parenting; communication; or coping with crises, chronic health conditions or disabilities. If your article is accepted for publication, you will receive a link back to your site at the end of the article including a brief biography of you as the author. Please submit your article as a word file attachment through the feedback email address on this site. The subject line must clearly indicate that this is an article submission, otherwise it will join the spam collection of unopened junk mail. If you are interested in a submitting an article for consideration, please submit details to:Article Submission to Email Therapy

Link Exchange:

If you are interested in a reciprocal link exchange, the site you suggest must be relevant to this site's content. Please submit your site URL for my consideration for inclusion through email at: Submit Site to Patricia Roles@E-mail Therapy

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